Acquiring Compensation For An Injury That Occurred On Rental Property


If an individual is renting their home and the steps leading to the residence are damaged, a tenant risks the possibility of injuring themselves if they fall down the steps, If an injury occurs, the following steps will assist with receiving compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

Receive Medical Assistance

An emergency dispatcher should be contacted if an individual cannot stand up on their own and think that they have seriously injured one or more body parts. After being transported to a hospital, a doctor will provide a patient with details about their injuries.

An injured person will be given a list of instructions to follow while their body is healing. A copy of a medical report and any x-rays that were taken should be obtained so that vital information can be proven if a landlord attempts to refute what a tenant says.

Make A Formal Complaint

After arriving home, a tenant needs to contact their landlord to let them know what happened. During this time, it is important to remain composed and to state facts in a clear, concise manner. The date the injury occurred and the details that led up to a fall need to be included in a statement.

If a landlord gets mad and refuses to listen or tries to accuse a tenant of lying, filing a formal complaint with a local police department is necessary. A police report will help protect a tenant if their landlord tries to evict them without a valid reason.

Hire An Attorney

A personal injury attorney should be contacted to assist with recouping money that was paid for medical care or lost due to not being able to work. An injury lawyer will need a copy of a medical report and detailed information about a landlord and tenant’s relationship. A lawyer will ask a series of questions and will need their client to be honest with them so that they can acquire a clear understanding of what happened.

A lawyer will set up a court date to present the injury case to a judge. If found guilty, a landlord will be ordered to pay their tenant. Additional information about a personal injury attorney can be obtained by visiting or a similar website.