Is Cloud VPS for You?

Many businesses have, in recent years, switched to cloud hosting for the analysis, storage, and protection of their data. For that, they have been able to reduce operational costs and increase the security of their data.

Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Server) has proven to be an effective way of managing data. It operates the same way as cloud services, except that the VPS is a private and dedicated hosting environment on a host and parent server through the use of virtualization. Here are a few benefits of using cloud VPS:

Dedicated resources

Every cloud VPS is like a dedicated server and has its resources such as CPU and RAM. This guarantees you that the other subscribers on the same cloud cannot interfere with your website whatsoever.

It is affordable

Many companies want to save on operational costs so they go for cloud VPS which is very cost effective. The VPS server providers will let you choose the resources you need depending on the tasks and functions you want to be done, and that’s precisely what you will pay for. It is an affordable option both for short and long term needs, especially recommended for small and medium businesses.


This exceptional feature makes cloud VPS stand out from other cloud services. Many businesses face the challenge of more traffic in their platform which may end up crashing the website. With a cloud VPS, you need not worry about your site crashing because if the traffic on your website spikes at random or abruptly, your VPS host will provide you with the right resources and make adjustments whenever they are needed.


The beauty of a cloud VPS is its reliability especially since it rarely breaks down, making it so much easier for you to keep your website up and running even when you have too much traffic. It is also completely redundant, meaning if your server is down for some reason, there are plenty of backup servers to keep your site running until your original one is back fully functioning.


Cloud VPS servers are highly accessible. The servers can let you access your data from anywhere in the world, provided you are connected to the internet. This is convenient for the ever-busy business people who want to keep up to date with the operations of their company while travelling.

Ideal for Collaboration

Storing data on a cloud VPS makes it easier for people to access it when they need to make changes, install updates, or for general managerial and administrative work. For businesses with multiple physical locations, a cloud VPS allows all the branches to collaborate in real time instead of one change at a time, which is very convenient as well.

A cloud server is an essential entity for a business to consider owing to its significant benefits. Therefore, you should consider having a consulting firm like Memset who will help you decide on the right cloud computing techniques that suit your business.

4 Ways to Make Work Enjoyable for Your Employees

Employees are the fuel that keeps any organization running. If they are not motivated or are dissatisfied with their work, every aspect of the business will suffer. This is why it is important to make sure that your employees enjoy the work that they do for you as much as possible.

There are a number of reasons why employees dislike their work – poor pay, uncomfortable work conditions, and tyrannical employers. Keeping employees happy to work for you is rarely a complicated task. Apply some of the following tips to make work fun for your employees:

Create comfortable work environments

The environment in which one is forced to work will have a significant impact on their productivity levels and creativity. Therefore, it is up to you as an employer to make sure your employees feel comfortable when at work.

When booking meeting rooms Birmingham, for example, visit a site like Venuefinder and choose the meeting venues that have amenities such as air conditioning, media systems, and good seating. You’d be surprised the impact a good workspace makes on your employees.

This applies to general office space as well. Make sure it is well cleaned and comfortable to work in.

  1. Give them something to look forward to: All humans need things to look forward to. This is what keeps life exciting and worth living.This should be extended into the workplace as well. Create a culture of excitement and make sure that employees have things to look forward to. Some ideas include bringing in treats once a week to the office, having a team bonding activity once a month or an annual office party.

    These things might seem small but they create a feeling of friendship which fosters hard work.

  2. Provide attractive benefits: All the extra perks in the world cannot compensate for a poor compensation package for employees.As much as they will likely appreciate treats in the office and annual parties, they will be much more motivated by an attractive benefits package. When hiring anyone to work at your organization, offer them at least the accepted market rate for their skills. On top of this, try to offer other perks such as health insurance, good vacation time and so on.

    By virtue of a good salary and benefits alone, your employees will be motivated to do good work in order to keep their jobs and the accompanying benefits.

  3. Be flexible with working conditions: In the modern day workforce, there is more emphasis on being able to work under flexible conditions.This includes remote work, particularly for parents, shared workspace, less rigid attire requirements and so on. Get your employees opinions and see if there is anything that can be done to make their work conditions more flexible. If you feel it will improve productivity, feel free to take them on.


Making work enjoyable for your employees should be a priority if you are looking to get the best performance out of them.

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Things to Consider When Deciding on a 2D Project

The 2D style has existed for many years and is the most traditional form of animation we have today. It is a form of animation that makes use of movement and motion in a 2-dimensional space. Even though 3D is great for gaming, many people still prefer 2D because it doesn’t try to imitate real life. 2D is great for many businesses who seek to give their business an animated and interactive feel. One of the advantages is flexibility and control. This type of animation gives many options on colours, characters, and scenery. It also is very interactive and can easily be used in pop-up displays for many different uses. If you’re new to the craft or you’re trying to hire an animator for something, here are a few things you probably should know first.

Timeline and Delivery

The timeline and completion of your 2D animation project would largely depend on its specifics. The creators would generally have a meeting with you where you would express your desires and expectations. The type, complexity, and design of the project would also affect the timeline. Also, you need to keep in mind that the team might want to do things a little differently for better quality.


Cost is another thing that varies greatly. The style of the project and all the specific features you want will affect the cost significantly. Cheaper projects usually have a less complex execution for aspects like scripts, frames, special effects, illustrations, and voiceovers. The more complex your project is, the more time has to be spent on creation. This also means that more money will have to be spent.


A lot of people seem to think that 2D animation is extremely limited. While there might be some limit, it definitely isn’t as bad as people think. Because 2D animation has to be planned and executed frame by frame, it might take a bit more time to execute. However, it is not impossible. Creativity is not limited with 2D animation and this shouldn’t be a deterrent when you’re making a decision on whether or not to use 2D.


Because 2D animation involves very specific drawings and work, the flexibility might be a bit wider than other forms. Think about how much precision is involved with carefully drawing out and planning every single frame. Now think about how much you can bend and change each character and each background in each frame. This should give you a very good idea about how flexible 2D animation can be.

2D animation is still very much used in today’s world and if done properly, can even rival some of the best 3D works in execution, quality, and nuance. For all your 2D animation needs, contact Liquona to find some of the best people to handle your 2D project. Setup a meeting, express yourself the best way you can and leave the rest in the hands of their experts.

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How to Become a Certified Medical Scribe

How to Become a Certified Medical Scribe

A medical scribe is a valuable part of any healthcare team. They improve the efficiency of the team, patient satisfaction, and quality of care. They may work alongside nurses and doctors, or they may work in the medical records department. They sometimes work at the interface between departments, collecting lab test results and patient intake records before sharing relevant information with medical professionals. Let’s look at the process of how to become a medical scribe.

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Gain the Necessary Skills

Medical scribes need to be reliable, well-organized, and able to multitask. If you already meet that minimum threshold, then you need to develop the related professional skills.

For example, you have to be able to type quickly and near perfectly. You’ll need excellent knowledge of medical terminology. Medical scribes may write referral letters for doctors and help electronically prescribe medicine, though they cannot write legal prescriptions on their own. They’ll also need to be able to keep track of medical testing times and upload records to where patients can see them or send them to patients directly, depending on the situation.

Go for Certification

Becoming a medical scribe requires more than the ability to accurately transcribe medical orders and voice dictation. They have to be very familiar with a variety of electronic health records systems. A medical scribe may or may not be certified as an EHR user, but they should be certified as medical scribes.

There are several organizations that train, license, and certify medical scribes. The EPPA or Emergency Physicians Professional Association supports acute care medical professionals. EPPA Scribes benefit from a strong professional network that connects them with employers after earning certification.

You must have, at a minimum, a high school diploma, and medical scribe certification to work as a medical scribe. A related college degree may be accepted by some employers, but it may not be enough. For example, training as a nursing assistant doesn’t guarantee you’re familiar with electronic health records systems or transcription. Certification as a medical scribe demonstrates to employers that you have all of the necessary skills to work in this critical role. It does this by requiring someone to earn a passing score on standardized exams, demonstrating that the person knows what employers consider necessary for such a professional to do the job well.

Search for Your First Job as a Medical Scribe

Medical scribe programs often help medical scribes get practical experience before they’re issued certification. In these cases, paid residency training gives them practical experience to put on their resume before they have certification. And the group they trained with may decide to hire them as full-time professionals. If not, then the person has both experience and certification and can apply for jobs as a medical scribe. Organizations that offer certification for medical scribes always post related jobs for their certificate holders. That is aside from the professional connections you’ve made during your training, such as peers who refer you to jobs at the places where they … Read More

Three Great Features that People Can Use to Create their Own Digital Portfolios

Designers all over the U.S. are always looking for ways to bring their creations to life. With the digital world taking the lead in making a lot of the most innovative changes, everyone can look forward to many different types of apps to assist them with their efforts. Having said this, here are some of the key features that designers can use in developing educational apps that both adults and children can utilize to design unique concepts and strategies.

Feature #1 – Allows Students to Share Their Work

Fortunately, there are at least 8 Educational Apps To Create Digital Portfolios. Many of which are excellent for those students who want and like to share the work that they have done with others. In fact, to keep all of their hard work from going down the drain, these students have a chance to share their creation with the students that are on their own level. For instance, if a student has designed a colorful portfolio with lots of cutesy animal figures, they can share their work as soon as the project is considered to be complete.

Feature #2 – Safe Space to Work in Online

Another essential feature that everyone can benefit from today is the safe space. Because the work that people create is unique for them to see only, the use of a safe space is essential to not only privacy but to the individual who does not choose to share their creative projects. Therefore, this is a feature that simulates the use of cloud security applications that will only allow access as the creator decides to release their control. This is also the case of educational apps that only allow the teacher to specify who can see the creative digital portfolios of certain students. For instance, if a teacher is controlling what their students’ portfolios, they may only allow the parents to see their own child’s creations. Aside from the parent seeing the work, no one else will be allowed to see the digital photos that were created by each of their students.

Feature #3 – Made to Be User Friendly

If you want to get the best out of this type of software application, you need to know exactly what is available to you. Because kids use these types of applications to do some of their school projects, the software that is introduced to them must be simple to use. This is one of the primary reasons why many of the developers of these types of software applications are always looking for those that will make it is for students to learn. Therefore, the best applications in this industry are usually intuitive and easy to navigate from one digital creation to another.

When choosing a software application for digital portfolios, there are several things that you should know about the features that are included in each. Some of the most useful that you should consider when making your selections are user-friendly software, easy to share between … Read More