What Exactly The Insurance Carrier Offers You Isn’t The Only Choice


Usually, individuals who are hurt due to negligence will likely be offered a settlement by the responsible person’s insurer. Typically, the insurance provider will attempt to supply the lowest quantity they believe a person will take. If a person will take this quantity, they may discover it isn’t adequate in order to handle each of the costs from their own injury, however they will be unable to obtain more at this point.

Instead of agreeing to the settlement offer, it really is a good idea for the person to get in touch with a legal representative for support. The lawyer is able to assess the accident as well as the settlement offer to be able to see if it’s going to be satisfactory. If it is not likely to be adequate, the attorney will try to negotiate an increased settlement for their own consumer. In this way, they could make certain a person will get the entire amount of money they will need in order to monetarily recover from their particular injuries. They are able to, as needed, take the case to court to make sure the individual gets sufficient cash to be able to deal with the expenditures from the accident.

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Being Charged with DUI While Taking a Prescription Medication


With more states legalizing the use of marijuana, people often wonder about DUI drugs charges. What they fail to realize is a person may be taking a medication prescribed by a physician and also be charged with this crime. Every state has two types of DUI charges, impairment and per se. The impairment charge is what typically relates to the use of prescription medications, and the law takes into account the effects of the medication on the person as opposed to the amount of medication in the system. If this effect is substantial, the individual may be charged with DUI.

Why Is This Distinction Important?

When considering impairment, the state looks at any substance that can lead to intoxication, even one legally prescribed. The legality of the substance isn’t in question. What the court looks at is the effect. The reason for this is the person can still do harm to him or herself or others as a result of the impairment. Although it was not intentional, the outcome is the same, which is what is of importance at this time.

How Can a Person Defend Against This Charge?

Legal advice should be sought immediately in this situation, as some states do offer a limited defense for situations such as this. In these states, if the driver can prove the medication was taken exactly as prescribed by the physician, the charges may be reduced or dropped. However, in order for this defense to be used, the medication must not come with a warning label advising individuals to use caution when operating a motor vehicle.

As more states decide to allow for the use of recreational marijuana, DUI drug charges are likely to increase. This is to be expected. However, individuals are often shocked to learn they have been charged with this crime after taking a prescription provided by a physician. This happens more than many people realize, as they assume the drug is safe for everyday use. Keep this in mind and, if charged with this crime after using a prescription medication, contact an attorney immediately. He or she can best advise you how to proceed and what defense, if any, may be of benefit in this situation. … Read More

A Woman Needs To Learn Her Rights During A Divorce


A divorce can be the worst emotional and financial situation a woman can go through in her life. Many women stay home to take care of and raise the children while their husband works. Other women might work part time or a job that pays less money than their husband.

Women who are in these types of situations and facing a divorce need to learn their rights. Protecting themselves during this difficult time is important for their financial future and the welfare of their children. Failing to exercise their rights could result in devastating financial consequences once the divorce is final.

Alimony, Spousal Support, Or Maintenance

Every state has their own term they use when a husband has to pay his wife a monthly amount during or following a divorce. In many states, a woman is eligible to receive money from their husband if their husband’s income is significantly higher or more than a wife’s. Women who have been married for a long period of time are more likely to receive support than a woman who was only married for a few years.

How Long Will Support Last?

The type of support a woman receives will determine how long they will receive it. Rehabilitative support will last for a few years and is designed for a woman who needs to acquire job skills to improve their income potential. A woman can file for this type of support as soon as the divorce is filed.

Marital Home

Even if a woman doesn’t contribute to a monthly mortgage payment, they are entitled to a portion of the equity in a home. The only exceptions to this rule are if a husband used inheritance money for a down payment or if premarital funds were used.

Retirement Benefits

Woman rights in divorce also include being entitled to receive a portion of a husband’s retirement account, even if the husband didn’t make actual cash contributions. The amount a woman is entitled begins the date of the marriage until the couple separates. Determining the figure, a wife is entitled to is very complicated, and an attorney should be involved in this part of the process.… Read More

The Law Can Make Or Break Your Business, So How Well Do You Know It? Make Sure You Understand the Laws Impacting Your Business


Small business owners often believe they have a good handle on the laws surrounding their business. They’ve looked into the ones that seemed to be the most important ones for them and may even have a lawyer they can contact if they have any questions. Yet, they might be surprised to learn they don’t know as much about the laws as they should and that they could be making mistakes today that could have a significant impact on their business.

Employment Laws

Based on the number of employees a business has, does there have to be worker’s compensation insurance for the employees? If an employee needs to be fired, is it legal to fire them and could there be any repercussions for doing so?

Employment laws cover everything from hiring employees to what the employer might need to supply, and more. A mistake in this area could lead to a costly lawsuit that could threaten the business’s ability to stay open.

Contract Laws

If a supplier doesn’t show up with the products the business needs, what can be done? Is a lawsuit the right step or does there need to be mediation? If a contract needs to be canceled, what needs to be done?

Contract law is very precise in what is allowed and not allowed, yet there are contracts created every day that are not legal or that have parts that are not legal. It’s important to understand what can be in contracts as well as when they can be broken without a financial impact on the business.

Intellectual Property Laws

Can a picture be borrowed for the business website? What can the business do if someone else is using their name? Intellectual issues can take significant amounts of potential profit from a business, so they need to be dealt with swiftly.

They can also cost the business significant amounts of money if the business is using something they don’t have the rights for. Business owners have to be sure they understand what intellectual property is and when there might be an issue.

The Law Can Make Or Break Your Business, So How Well Do You Know It? It’s crucial to have at least a basic understanding of laws dealing with businesses. If a business owner is not sure they understand something or if they have a question about anything, they’ll want to seek help quickly.… Read More

Things to Understand Before Filing Bankruptcy


In principle, all assets of a debtor fall into a bankruptcy estate, no matter where it is located on the earth and whether or not it is a protected right. However, due to regulations in federal laws, the debtor possesses wage and homestead exemption. This includes pensions, disability, and insurance benefits, all of which are usually excluded from the bankruptcy process.

In some states, there are also no quantitative limits for residential buildings, so that even million-dollar properties can be seized during bankruptcy. When it comes to an “automatic stay,” claims are no longer permitted by the creditors.


The bankruptcy process is divided according to their rank among creditors:

  • Secured creditors
  • Primary creditor (distribution costs incurred by the bankruptcy petition consists of liabilities, job claims, tax debts, etc.)
  • Unsecured creditors
  • Financial penalties, fines, and shareholders

In the last few years, the economic situation in the US has developed negatively. Private insolvency – also called consumer insolvency – gives an over-indebted person the opportunity to free him or herself from their debts. This means that the debtor pays off a portion of their income and loses all debts within 3, 5 or 6 years. It does not matter how high a person’s debts were or how many creditors they had.


The two most important objectives of the private insolvency procedure are the exemption from all debts and an immediate attachment protection. Residual debt relief occurs within:

  • 3 years – upon repayment of 35% of the debt and the procedural costs
  • 5 years – at the cost of the proceedings
  • or 6 years at most – regardless of any debt repayment

After the opening of insolvency proceedings, debtors are completely exempted from their debts. Filing bankruptcy is easier when hiring a professional. This is regardless of how much the debts were, or how many creditors the debtor had at the time the proceedings were initiated.

The second objective – comprehensive pledging protection – is achieved immediately with the start of private insolvency. From the start, individuals do not have to pay attention to the (possible) letter of their creditors. All the annoying letters and phone calls are, thus, omitted. … Read More