A person who has been injured in a slip-and-fall incident may not know whether it would be advantageous to hire an attorney for representation. Often doing so is unnecessary because the property owner’s insurance company is willing to pay reasonable compensation. Injury attorneys usually offer free consultations that will provide better insight about a specific situation. To learn more about one particular lawyer, an injured person may read Craig Swapp and Associates legal reviews.

A Primary Factor

A primary factor will be whether the lawyer believes the person deserves significantly more money than the insurance company is offering. The prospective client must take into account the attorney fees when considering whether it’s worth pursuing additional compensation. A standard personal injury fee is one-third of the settlement, which is why lawyers usually only get involved when the difference between the settlement offer and the deserved compensation is substantial.

Other Considerations

There are other important considerations too. Accepting the settlement offer is a quick process compared to having a lawyer negotiate for more money. If the person is in dire need of funds now and the settlement is within range of what should be expected, the best solution may be to accept the insurance company’s offer and not risk being evicted or facing foreclosure.


Imagine a situation in which someone fell on a slippery wet floor in a drugstore and broke her ankle. The store’s insurer has offered to pay all medical expenses associated with the injury as well as all income lost until she could return to work. First, this type of case is not remarkably expensive compared with more serious injuries. Second, the insurer has proved to be very cooperative and is not disputing any part of the claim.

In contrast, a more serious injury that will probably require future expenses, such as a second surgery and ongoing physical therapy, may be worth significantly more than an initial settlement offer would indicate. The insight provided by an accident lawyer is valuable. Even if the person needs money now, he or she may not want to leave a large possible amount on the table in return for a quick settlement.

Gaining Insight About the Reasonableness of a Settlement Offer by Consulting an Accident Lawyer