How to Increase Visits and Conversions to Your Website

Advertising & Marketing

For a business to have the most successful website and SEO marketing campaign, they have to choose the right services. For some, this will mean hiring a marketing team within the company to manage their SEO and website. However, many companies don’t have the money to maintain an internal marketing team so they will have to hire San Rafael SEO services instead. There are some specific things that a service should offer to make it the best choice for a company.

Flexible Website

Today, more and more people are choosing to access the internet via their mobile device rather than on a PC or laptop. As such, it’s important for a website to be easily viewed on mobile devices. This means creating a mobile site and making sure it has plenty of information for customers to see.


Another thing that is very important to the success of a website is backlinking. This is done by posting blogs and articles on relevant sites with links that go back to the source site. This can improve search engine optimization and lead to more relevant web traffic. A good SEO company provides these services and ensures that only appropriate sites are used for backlinking.

Make the Site User Friendly

The experience a visitor has on a website is vital to its success. It’s much the same as a store. Visitors want to find the products, services or information that they need without a lot of problems. A site that is hard to navigate or is confusing or outdated will not lead to conversions. SEO companies know exactly what customers are looking for and can rework a website to be exactly what visitors are looking for.

Make it Fast

It can be tempting to choose a site with lower bandwidth access, but if it’s not a site with more than just text, then customers may get frustrated and leave. Getting a site that allows for high speed access and with the ability for visitors to view photos and videos with ease can keep them on a site and they will possibly make a purchase.

While there are many other things that your company can do improve web traffic and conversions, these tips are a good place to start. However, it all begins by selecting the right SEO company to get your website and your marketing on the right track.