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The Benefits of Ridesharing Ridesharing is one of the old practices which mainly aims to save energy resources as well as providing a lot of different advantages. Nowadays, ridesharing is more popularly known as car pooling. It is a great system as it encourages three to four people who are going to the same direction, to share one vehicle for transportation or travel. This of course does not necessarily mean that it is for cars only because it can also be in a form of bus, shuttle, or van. Ridesharing is undeniably, the best option to reduce commuting costs. Ridesharing is proven to be capable of providing a lot of benefits which is why it is a good option for individuals who have to commute daily or regularly for them to reach their destination. Instead of opting to use individual vehicles, a group or even just two people can share a vehicle if they are going to the same destination or even direction, and this type of travel would still in a comfortable, efficient, and quick manner. Ridesharing also helps a whole lot in reducing the number of vehicles that are on the road and with that, it will reduce the traffic congestion which of course leads to shorter travel time. On top of that seemingly great advantage is that, car pooling cars will be allowed to use the so called car pool lanes which means that those cars or vehicles will avoid getting stuck in traffic at the highways especially so when they are travelling during rush hours.
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Aside from helping in the more efficient way of commuting by reducing traffic congestion and spending lesser time in travelling, ridesharing also reduces the level of pollution that spreads because lesser vehicles used means lesser spread of emissions that have significantly negative effect or impact to the environment. It also helps in the conservation of resources like gas and oil because a reduction of vehicles being used on the road means a reduction of demand for these resources which of course means the price for these resources will be lowered, following the principle of supply and demand. All the costs that will be incurred in such ridesharing from the car’s fuel consumption, oil change, and maintenance, up to the registration and the license registration of the owner of the car, can be divided among those who are travelling together, depending on what has been agreed upon by the parties.
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Of course, carpool or ridesharing etiquette must be established and followed for there to be a good relationship between those who will be part of the ridesharing. The proper etiquette that will be observed will assure each and every rider that there will be a fixed time for pick up, fixed time for payment, and all other different agreements.