The Beginner’s Guide to Parenting


Nurturing Good Behavior

It is the dream of every parent to have children who are of good behavior at all times. The actions and mannerism in which a child conducts themselves usually has a lot to tell about the upbringing and behavior of the child. Imparting good behavior in children is one of the major activities in parenting so as to bring up adults that are highly responsible. Good behavior is nurtured in children from the day they are born and a child can learn a habit either good or bad at any stage of development. Simple observation of how children interact with their fellow children will greatly indicate the behavior of a child. Well behaved children can be seen in how they share their belongings with other children and interact properly with minimal fighting.

In nurturing a child’s good behavior, it is always important to focus on what the child does right and correct him/her in a proper way when they err. Good behavior in children is always nurtured by always ensuring that they are not condemned when they do things but rather encourage to continue doing things in the right way and shown proper direction when they do wrong. A parent should always serve as a good example to his/her child in ensuring that they are good behavior since the child will tend to copy what a parent does and repeat it. It is always important to also get to a child’s level in nurturing a child behavior since he/she will listen keenly regarding the comments you are making on his/her behavior. A parent should also learn to be a careful listener when their child talks since in that it will help give proper advice to the child in coping with a challenge that the child might be facing hence preventing any bad behavior that might arise from it. An environment that is safe enough to create good behavior in children will be important when bringing up children.

Bad behavior may come about situations in life and they should be well managed. Verbal confrontation, highly aggressive or being hot-tempered are some of the signs of a child with bad behaviour. Genetics of a child, being highly impoverished, environmental causes including being in highly crowded areas where there are minimum resources as well as when a child may be in dire need for help can be some of the causes of bad behavior in a child.

A person who is well behaved will at all times get positive attention to people and will tend to copy the good behavior from the person. Well behaved people usually help in enhancing good relationships amongst them which develops into strong friendships Well behaved people usually have confidence in them which enables them to do and say things in the right way when among people.

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