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What are Some of the Things That You Need to Know About Wedding Sand Ceremonies?

For over many years’ people who wish to be married have been choosing candle as a symbol of unity in their marriage. But as things change people have been transforming from candle to sand as sign of unity. This has been easy to many couples as deciding on who to lit the candle was becoming difficult and unfair to the other partner. In ceremonial sand the people who wish to marry will have different colors of sand and even their family members if they would wish to do so. Don’t think it as unique as what differentiate it from other wedding ceremonies is just the sand.

The wedding sand ceremony always begins with the officiant saying some words and then invites the bride and the groom to the podium. Then afterwards the officiant will offer the bride and the groom with different jars of sand with different types of colors according to the couples’ preference. The sand will be poured in one big central jar which will also be provided by the officiant. It will be now the time for the bride to pour his sand in the central jar. This will then be followed by the groom who will pour her sand to the central jar which will form two beautiful layers. The sand will not be poured only ones but they will have to pour it one after the other until it will get finished forming beautiful layers of sand making it to look more cool.

Being that they are now one, the officiant will pronounce them husband and wife having made the oath to be loyal to one another. From there the rest of the programs will continue as programmed which may include eating together as one big family, holding a party where people will dance to celebrate the newly wedded and maybe afterwards they will go for a honeymoon in a place of their choice.

In some cases, you find that even the family members will also be allowed to pour their sand in the central jar. This is not mandatory but it depends with the organization of the families that are uniting to form one.

It is clear to many people that wedding sand makes the marriage to be strong. Having their sight on the sand after quarrels will always remind of the good times they had before since it will never disappear. Once they see the sand especially during the times when there are quarrels it will be reminding of the past good times they enjoyed.

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