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Simple Hacks to Campfire Cooking

Figuring out what to cook at the camp can be a hard thing for someone who has never had an experience cooking with a campfire. One as a result, would need to make sure that he or she figures out what exactly to do for him or her to get it right even when it is for his or her first time. It would be essential for one to make sure that he or she gets right and avoid driving long distances to access shops, hotels and fast food joints. One would need to ensure that he or she does not shorten the camp after he or she is very uncomfortable with cooking at the camp in question. It would be essential that one gets it right when it comes to cooking with the campfire.

When packing, make sure you pack the right thing. Think of hot dogs and marshmallows, chicken among other foods that can be grilled easily. Make sure that you pack the right utensils making sure that you avoid those with plastic handles. Remember to carry a handle too to ensure that you don’t burn your fingers. The weather and the campsite will determine whether you will need to carry you own firewood or not. You should also remember to take with you enough water or fire to put out the fire after you are done with the fire.

Once at the campsite, it is essential for you to figure out the place where you will light your fire. It is essential to have a fire at a place that may end up messing the whole place. Lighting the fire near short trees should also be avoided at all cost. By the time it is getting dark, you should make sure that you have a number of things right. You should then figure out how you will make a fire that can cook what you plan to eat for supper. Make sure that each and every participant participate in various roles. Make sure to involve each and every member of the family after which you can start cooking using a moderate fire such that you don’t end up losing your food in the fire.
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After the food is ready, make sure to pack back any unutilized food back to the travelers’ freezer or fridge. Make sure to seal the food well after everyone is done eating to avoid attracting animals at night. It is also essential to make sure that you extinguish the fire before you retire to the tents.Looking On The Bright Side of Camps