Why Millions of People Rely on Daily Affirmations

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The term “affirmation” has become popular among life coaches and is a term used in many self-help programs. Some mistakenly think that the idea is part of a new age philosophy or belief system. The principle behind affirmations is actually just simple psychology and it can work for anyone. As a result, millions now practice daily affirmations as a way to change habits and thinking on a wide range of issues.

The Principle Behind Affirmations

One reason that affirmations are getting a lot of attention is that they are based on a very basic idea. Essentially an affirmation is nothing more than a positive sentence that is repeated often. Most people repeat the same phrases over and over again to themselves, while others also make the statements out loud. The practice produces results by exchanging negative, limiting thoughts with positive, empowering ideas. Research indicates that regular practice can enhance problem solving skills, increase feelings of happiness and even improve overall health.

Why Morning Affirmations Are Popular

Although repeating positive sentences is helpful at any time of the day or night, many advocates feel that morning affirmations produce the best results. Beginning the morning with empowering thoughts sets the mood for a more productive day and more positive relationships. Early morning affirmations are also good for shaking off any disturbing feelings caused by dreams. Fans of the practice generally begin with a few deep breaths and then smile. They repeat their affirmations for 3-5 minutes and finish with several more breaths, in order to absorb the positive feelings.

Affirmations Can Be Used for a Variety of Purposes

In most cases affirmations are used daily to change habitual thinking patterns about specific areas of worry. For example, many people with negative ideas about money or prosperity repeat positive affirmations which can remove roadblocks to abundance. Millions repeat self-love and healing affirmations that make it easier to overcome hardships and find the inner strength to make healthy changes.

Every day millions of people around the globe repeat positive affirmations to themselves, in an effort to change old habits. Many take time each morning for the practice, in order to create more fulfilling days. Affirmations can help to improve almost any area of life.