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Signs You Need An Air Quality Check

The knowledge that the interior of homes sometimes hold the most impurities in comparison to the outside, is not available to most people even those who claim to be environmentally conscious. Some of us futilely pursue purity of the external air, and yet we forget the interior of our homes where we spend a considerable amount of time. It is sad when you fail to get illnesses caused by impurities in the eternal environment only to find yourself ill with a disease caused by inhaling impure air within your home. People have been made aware of the importance of clean air within their houses, but they lack information on when to do air quality check. You will be surprised at the signs that show your home needs an air quality check for the air because the signs are very basic things that we sometimes ignore.

The presence of mold or any other fungi in your home is a sure sign that your home needs a check. If your home has any form of dampness, it is very likely that mold or other fungi will grow. There is a toxin known as mycotoxins that are carcinogenic if inhaled. When you notice mold, carry out an air quality check so that you can take the necessary in ensuring that your home is mold-free.

If leave in an old home, you are in danger of inhaling air that is contaminated with asbestos. Research has found that the old pipes and cement in old homes emits asbestos. Asbestos when inhaled is carcinogenic.

The use of gas for fuel in a home would be a good sign that the quality of your air needs to be checked. This is because the combustible gas in the pipes sometimes leaks in small amounts. Due to the insignificance of the leakages, most of them go unnoticed. You are bound to fall ill as a result of the cumulative effects of gas leakage.

Radon is radioactive chemical that has to be found to be airborne in homes. The source of Radon is not so clear, but it is at times found inside homes. When non-smokers get lung cancer, some cases are attributed to radon inhalation. You cannot say for a fact that the air in your home is free of any radiation. To know for sure the air in your house is safe to inhale then you should have regular checks done.

The process of discovering all the possible hazardous material that is airborne within your home, is ongoing. You never know, your home may be the place for these discoveries to be made during the air quality checks. Do not be deceived by the freshness of the air in your home when you are done with cleaning, you need an air quality check to know for sure if your air is safe to breathe in. Be vigilant and you may save yourself the agony of some serious diseases.