I found myself looking at https://mykonosestates.com after deciding I wanted to spend about three months in Greece. I make a tidy bundle of cash as a writer and decided that I wanted to get out of the United States during the winter in order to write my new novel. I felt I wasn’t making any progress on my latest novel while living in my home in upstate New York. Even worse, the winter was fast approaching and I really felt like picking up and moving to a warm clime would work wonders on my mood and on the progress of my book.

The problem was that I wasn’t sure how to just pick up and move to a foreign country for three months. I picked Greece because my agent said the weather there is fantastic and that I would love the people and the amazing views. She suggested looking at the island of Mykonos because she spent time there with her parents back in the 1980s and thought it was the best place she’s ever seen. Considering how much she travels, that is quite the endorsement. I also liked the idea of going there because I love Greek history.

But where to start? For that I had to turn to the internet and I soon found a luxury real estate company that caters to buyers as well as renters. They pretty much handle any sort of property you would need on the island. In no time at all I was in contact with them and they worked hard to find the perfect place for my wife and I to stay. Getting everything set up was a snap and we’re set to head out soon for what promises to be an amazing adventure. If the pictures are any indication, it’s likely neither of us will wish to return to the United States!

Enjoying the Beautiful Climate of Greece