Congratulations, you’ve decided to look for an early childhood program among Sammamish private schools. When you’re doing the research, there are three areas you should consider.

Research Certifications and Training

Your child’s development is too important to leave to adults operating on instinct and life experience. The professionals who work with your child in the program should have degrees or certificates in early childhood education. The entire school may have accreditation as well. While a piece of paper does not guarantee a quality experience for your child, you can at least rest assured that the teachers and school have met some minimum standards.

Look for Well-Rounded Programs

Successful preparation for elementary school involves more than learning to read and do simple counting. Children need opportunities to play, explore music, and try art. Social and emotional skills are learned on the playground. Adults who have technical skills, but poor social and communication skills, lose jobs. Early childhood centers should provide a variety of activities, not just academically-focused instruction. Children should also explore their community through field trips to places like the zoo.

Consider Any Special Needs

Children with disabilities are increasingly integrated into regular classroom settings. Teachers should be comfortable with fully including your child. In the early childhood years, your child will not yet have the self-advocacy skills to be able to assert their own needs. Therefore, it will be up to the school to be mindful of your child’s special needs.

Some children come from a different cultural environment than most in town. It’s important to consider how your child will make friends and fit in. Staff should encourage all children to make friends with each other. Diversity and accepting differences should be a core value of the school.

If your child has encountered challenges learning social skills and emotional self-regulation, you may want to look for schools that have psychologists and other support professionals on staff to help with these challenges.

With your research, you can find a great program for your child.

Find a Great Early Childhood School