All You Must Know About Technical Surveillance Countermeasure

In order to deploy technical surveillance countermeasure operations, there are huge selections of technical spying gear that may be used in the process including spy cams, surveillance gears, audio radio frequency transmitters, GPS tracking gear and several other hi-tech spy gears. Many of these devices actually have built-in motion detector sensor enabling it to quickly record and capture information whenever the target is on range.

Most of the time, surveillance devices are discreetly installed to avoid detection. But there is going to be an exception here and that’s the fact that the gears deployed would serve as nanny camera. Most of the time, these cameras are concealed in day to day items in the household like baby toys, tissue boxes or clocks that can go undetected for long timeframe if installed correctly.

As soon as technical surveillance countermeasure operation is active, the spying gear devices that are installed will be regularly monitored. This is to ensure that the equipment is functioning as how it was supposed to. Surveillance operator can also check physical devices to collect video or any other recorded data every now and then. The surveillance operations are then executed over a certain number of days, weeks and occasionally, months.

One of the major concerns that surveillance operators have is that, their target might possibly notice the spying device installed in place. For this reason, performing physical observation of spying device every now and then. As you check the gears installed personally, the operator actually risks of exposing the whole operation. For this reason, the target of technical surveillance threat could use this info in determining who is performing such surveillance.

Surveillance operators that have been in this field for long will check the gears installed across the place. Most of the technical surveillance countermeasure equipment have motion detection features as well as functioning capabilities to activate the device even if you’re from a remote location. This actually extends the battery of the spying gear. But there are instances to which the technical spying gear is vulnerable to issues like technical counter surveillance measures when it’s active. This is because of the reason that spying devices transmits within specific frequency range that could be detected by using proper technical surveillance countermeasure equipment. It is quite difficult to detect the device when it is not functioning and for this, it demands countermeasures.

The possibility of having the spy gear to be discovered or compromised without their knowledge is another reason why it is integral for the surveillance team to install it discreetly. If the device is discovered by their target, then their target might send them misleading info that can spoil all their surveillance efforts.

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