Many parents need care for their young children in order to maintain their work schedules. A friend or family member may be able to provide childcare in some situations. However, there are good reasons to enroll your child in preschool beginning at age three, even if you have alternatives for care. If your young child is approaching this age, here are three reasons to search for a preschool near me.

Social Interaction and Awareness

Young children, and especially firstborn children, need plenty of social interaction to grow, learn and thrive. It’s important for kids to spend time with their peers in order to understand how to better interact with those around them. A lack of social interaction could lead to poor social skills and immature behavior.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

Children can learn anywhere, but it does take time and effort to provide the physical and mental stimulation needed for healthy growth. Preschools can provide an environment that’s designed for continuous active play through playgrounds, gym time, and active games and centers. Children can also be introduced to new ideas that they would not experience at home or with a babysitter. Crafts, puzzles and new books and toys can provide a variety of mental exercise that would not be received at home.

School Preparation

Most preschools focus on preparing young children for success in the school classroom. Kids learn how to follow a schedule, obey important safety rules and share and take turns with others. In most preschools, children are taught the basics of counting, the alphabet and even writing their own name. These milestones are very important and can help children be more prepared for acceptance to and success in a kindergarten classroom.

Even if your family doesn’t require preschool for supervision, it is still wise to consider this option for your child’s growth and development. The right preschool can help give your child happiness and confidence for the future.

Three Important Benefits of Attending Preschool