If you ask any parent about private versus public education, you’ll likely hear a strong opinion. Many parents are passionate about their child’s schooling, and there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The best advice for any parent is to consider each child’s needs and research both options. Here is some general information that you need to know about private and public education.


The main difference between public and private education is funding. Public schools are funded by federal, state and local taxes and unfortunately are often underfunded. However, public schools can never charge tuition which means every child can attend a public school. Private schools can charge tuition but they also fund their schools based on fundraising and private grants. Some schools are associated with a religious group such as private Christian elementary school Tampa.


Public schools are required to admit every child whereas private schools can be selective. Enrolling your child in a public school typically consists of showing proof of address and immunizations. Applying for a private school may possibly include rigorous testing, forms and interviews. Private schools can decide to accept your child based on other factors such as religious affiliation, scholastic achievement and more.


Because private schools are privately funded, the curriculum may be based on an agreed set of standards not regulated by the government. If a private school wants to focus on specific religious beliefs or offer advanced curriculum, they are free to tailor academics to their school community.

Teachers and Class Sizes

It’s important to note that all public school teachers are required to obtain a teaching license. In contrast, private schools may hire someone who has an undergraduate or graduate degree in something other than teaching. Class sizes are generally larger in public schools; however, smaller class sizes are not always guaranteed in private schools either.

In order to determine which type of school is best for your child, research local options and consider the needs of your child.

What You Need to Know About Private and Public Education